Want a cool luscious retreat in your backyard?

At Fern Forest Nursery, that is our mission!

strelitzia reginae

Our specialty is ‘tropical look’ foliage, which can cope with South Australian conditions, so we can offer you a range of beautiful plants which make your outdoor space look like that Bali hotel  you stayed at. We have a fantastic range of luscious-looking plants that can transform your backyard into an oasis.

              Before and After…

  gracilis-backfence-dec2013 (2)        13mths on 1                 Photo on left shows the back fence and on the right, 13 months later, completely covered.                                                                         Remember to send us your fav photos of recent gardening at your place. Before a bare wall/shed/neighbour’s house, and now a tropical oasis. We’d love to add them to our webpage.

gracilis-backfence-2013-2       13 mths on 4

We have your walls covered!

We have wall art which features just about every theme possible: from fish, seahorses, dolphins to dragonflies, butterflies, birds of every shape and size. There’s also many plant and flower designs – even guitars and saxophones! Come and have a look next time you’d like to spruce up that tired corner or bare wall.

    IMG_0447    IMG_0446    IMG_0448     IMG_0455   IMG_0450   IMG_0461