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Want a cool luscious retreat in your backyard?

At Fern Forest Nursery -The Jungle in Willunga- that is our mission!

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Our specialty is ‘tropical look’ foliage, which can cope with South Australian conditions, so we can offer you a range of beautiful plants which make your outdoor space look like that Bali hotel  you stayed at. We have a fantastic range of luscious-looking plants that can transform your backyard into an oasis.       

What will you Create in 2016?

We have some fantastic ideas for your new garden. Whether it’s a full landscape or just adding to your oasis, we have it all: luscious plants, water features, garden art, pots, ornaments

PLUS local knowledge and expertise!!!

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       Bamboo, palms, ginger, bromeliads, cycads and more: perfect for Adelaide gardens. We even have bamboo walls…. everything you need to create your tropical sanctuary today. 

-Adelaide Bamboo and Tropical Plants Experts-

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