Want a cool luscious retreat in your backyard?

At Fern Forest Nursery – The Jungle in Willunga, that is our mission!

strelitzia reginae

Our specialty is ‘tropical look’ foliage, which can cope with South Australian conditions, so we can offer you a range of beautiful plants which make your outdoor space look like that Bali hotel  you stayed at. We have a fantastic range of luscious-looking plants that can transform your backyard into an oasis.       

Christmas is nearly here….

Luscious plants, Quirky wall art, Lovely mobiles, Beautiful pots, All critters great and small – we definitely have something unique and jut a little inspired. Come and be charmed, our shop and nursery are bursting at the seams.   

IMG_4439.jpg small IMG_4384.jpg small IMG_7361.jpg small

Begin the transformation today…

We have bamboo, palms, ginger, bromeliads, cycads and more: perfect for Adelaide gardens. We even have bamboo walls and a great range of pots…. everything you need to create your tropical sanctuary today! 

Tracy Moana       Tracy 2 smallThanks Tracey of Moana for sending us photos of your beautiful bamboo courtyard. Using Gracilis as a green screen, it makes such a feature of an otherwise boring, colourbond fence. Well done!!

Before and After…

      gracilis-backfence-dec2013 (2)    13mths on 1                 13 months difference!                                         

          gracilis-backfence-2013-2    13 mths on 4

Remember to send us your fav photos of recent gardening at your place. Before a bare wall/shed/neighbour’s house, and now a tropical oasis. We’d love to add them to our webpage.

-Adelaide Bamboo and Tropical Plants Experts-