Want a cool luscious retreat in your backyard?

At Fern Forest Nursery, that is our mission!

strelitzia reginae

Our specialty is ‘tropical look’ foliage, which can cope with South Australian conditions, so we can offer you a range of beautiful plants which make your outdoor space look like that Bali hotel  you stayed at. We have a fantastic range of luscious-looking plants that can transform your backyard into an oasis.

 Beautiful Bamboo

Better Homes & Gardens: Feature Bamboo

Did you see the great feature on 31st October on Better Homes and Gardens about Bamboo? Showing the most common varieties of bamboo, the diversity and colours available, how easy they are to grow and best of all how inexpensive in comparison to the price to a fence!

Have a look at:

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 B.OLDHAMII-300x225 ff giveaway two 1-China Gold (2)

AOGS002_Logo_cmykWe are so excited: WE ARE HAVING AN OPEN GARDEN!!!

Come and see why our Jungle in Willunga has been accepted under the Open Gardens Australia scheme. 

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23rd November – 10am to 4.30pm. $8 Entry (U18 free)

There will be tours, yummy food and cool drinks, children’s activities and more.

Cool, shady ambiance is the feel for this garden which emulates a rainforest but surprises with underplantings of ferns, clivias and camellias. Also boasting 12 varieties of clumping bamboos, a cycad and palm collection, tree and ground ferns, bromeliads and gingers. Mature trees sway above, there’s also a water feature, open sided pavilion, strategic seating and wisteria bower.